Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Food Garden Calendar - August

With today's maximum temperature of 7 degrees, rain and snow falling and snow settling to low levels around Hobart, you might be forgiven for thinking that it is best to forget your food garden until September.  But spring will arrive soon and there is plenty you can this month.

August is a good time to ...........
  • Sow broadbeans, peas and snow peas
  • Sow in sunny spots lettuce, brassicas, chard, spinach, turnip, leek, onion and parsley
  • Sow tomatoes inside in pots next to a north-facing window or in a heated propagation tray
  • Plant (bare-rooted) fruit trees, berry canes and grapes and move fruit trees if needed
  • Lift leeks, carrots and parsnips before they go to seed and go woody
  • Spread compost and manure around fruit trees and berries
  • Plant potatoes once the chance of frost has passed
  • Plant brassica, celery and lettuce seedlings for spring eating
  • Plant leek and onion seedlings for growing over summer
  • Apply whip and tongue grafts to apricot and late plum varieties in 1st half of the month
  • Spray stone fruit trees with curly-leaf fungicide while blossoms not yet open (for more info see here)
  • Dig in green manures you sowed in autumn
  • Weed around fruit trees, add complete organic fertiliser and cover with straw to drip line
  • Weed around berries, add complete organic fertiliser and then cover with sheep poo
  • Tidy up strawberry beds, replace 3-year old plants and feed each plant, for more info see here
  • Prune lemon and orange trees if needed, after fruit harvest and before spring growth
  • Control slugs and snails especially around emerging peas


  1. In my opinion August is too early for carrots and parsnips and beets in Tasmania. Unless in a very warm spot I wouldn't sow these seeds until mid to late September. Last year I managed to get good germination of carrots in mid September by pre warming the soil with black plastic before and after sowing. The carrots came up in about 12 days rather than the usual 3 weeks at this time.

    1. Thanks Marg, good feedback. Have removed the entry from the calendar for August.