Friday, February 27, 2015

Food Garden Calendar - March

In Tasmania March is a good month to ........

  • Sow radish, English spinach, silverbeet, winter lettuce, coriander and Asian greens and keep soil moist (for info on sowing in situ click here )
  • Sow herbs such as coriander and dill that tend to bolt in warm weather
  • Sow green manures if your soil needs to become more open and friable
  • Plant last brassica seedlings before winter and provide protection against caterpillars
  • Plant celery seedlings if your garden is frost-free in winter
  • Plant leek, onion and garlic (for info on sowing leek click here )
  • Hill potatoes with soil, mulch, compost to protect growing tubers from light
  • Dig up some of your potatoes if you can’t wait any longer
  • Keep weeds at bay and don't allow them to go to seed
  • Prune stone fruit trees once the foliage at the end of branches has stopped growing
  • Make sure beds are well mulched to conserve water.
  • Water enough to make sure your soils don’t dry out
  • Foliar-feed crops to maximize growth before colder conditions slow it down
  • Feed lemon, lime and orange trees and remove a lot of fruit so remaining fruit becomes bigger
  • Feed apple and pear trees
  • Remove runners on strawberries and plant in pots so you have young plants next season
  • Remove small figs so remaining ones grow to full size (for fig tree maintenance click here )
  • Remove and destroy coddling moth infested fruit on apple, pear and quince trees (for more on coddling moth strategies click here)
  • Remove coddling moth bands around trunks of apple, pear and quince trees (for more on coddling moth strategies click here)

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