Monday, June 1, 2015

Food Garden Calendar - June

In Tasmania June is a good month to .............
  • Sow peas and broadbeans in well-drained positions with full sun (for more info on sowing peas click here )
  • Plant (bare-rooted) fruit trees, berry canes and grapes or move them if needed (for more info on planting and growing raspberries click here )
  • Plant asparagus crowns, cut off old asparagus stalks and add seaweed and/or compost (for more info on planting and growing asparagus click here )
  • Plant leek and garlic after applying some lime or dolomite (for info on growing leek click here)
  • Wait with planting onion until after winter solstice to avoid going to seed early
  • Divide and replant clumps of chives and other perennial onions, rhubarb and mint
  • Spread compost and manure around fruit trees and berries
  • Tidy up and prune berry bushes (for more info on pruning raspberry bushes click here )
  • Tidy up strawberry beds, replace 3-year old plants and feed each plant (for more info on planting and growing strawberries click here )
  • Apply lime where needed so it improves soil over winter for spring crops
  • Apply compost where needed so it improves soils over winter for spring crops
  • Remove and destroy coddling moth bands around trunks of apple, pear and quince trees
  • Remove old unproductive passionfruit vines
  • Change garden beds where needed and repair tools before things get busy in spring
  • Prune apple and pear trees once they have lost their leaves

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