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We recommend the following food-gardening-related Tasmanian businesses, products and services:

Bartering with your surplus fruit or vegetables
If you still have a glut, after giving your surplus fruit or vegetables to friends and the Food Garden Group produce table, contact Backyard Bounty.  You may be able to barter them for their excellent preserves or a payment.  Backyard Bounty clients will welcome your produce.
You can contact Backyard Bounty via

With a life-time experience of growing food and collecting seed Steve Solomon wrote Growing Vegetables South of Australia in 2002.  He focused specifically on Tasmanian conditions and that is unusual.  Another unusual feature is that Steve updates and modifies this self-published book before reprinting it if he sees it can be improved.  The result is a book that now is so different from the original version that it almost is a different book.  It is a comprehensive 'how to' guide for growing vegetables and collecting seed from all the veggies we know and love to eat plus many more that are not so familiar.
Growing Vegetables South of Australia can be bought at the Hobart Book Shop at Salamanca Square in Hobart or online at or

Southern Harvest has a great range of reliable seeds for Tasmanian conditions and delivery of internet orders is fast.  Southern Harvest is every Saturday at Salamanca Market in Hobart (opposite the Supreme Court).  Here is their web site:
Inspirations Garden Centre focus on cool-climate varieties, have seeds that may be hard to get elsewhere, and provide extra seed if germination is known to be less than perfect.  Their internet ordering works efficiently.  Here is their web site:

Soil Tests
Soil Essentials is the name under which Gordon Strutt provides the only soil testing service in Southern Tasmania that is affordable for non-professional food-gardeners.  Soil samples are tested for the most important elements, plus organic matter %, pH and Total Exchange Capacity.  He can also provide a mix of soil amendments that are tailored to correct the imbalances the soil test identified.  Soil Essentials can be contacted via or 0417 946 559.

Tools, machinery, fertilisers

Hollander Imports along the Brooker Highway in Hobart has an excellent range of products relevant to home-gardeners and professionals, at competitive prices.  For more info and contact details visit