About us

We are a group of Tasmanians who like to grow what we eat and share skills, surplus produce, seeds, seedlings and plants.

Some of us have farms. Others have large gardens in rural areas. Some of us have suburban gardens. Some members have a little bit of space around their unit.

Membership of the Food Garden Group is open to anyone living in Tasmania, Australia. Experts, novices and anyone in between all very welcome.

The aim is to inspire each other and learn from each other.

The group makes vegie-gardening a social activity where you meet new like-minded people.

Once you are a member you can join our Facebook page, where you can have ongoing contact with members between food garden visits.

No formal meetings

We mostly meet on Sunday mornings once a month in someone's veggie garden.
We share our skills, surplus produce, seeds, seedlings and surplus plants.
This is not in an ‘open garden scheme’ where people present their gardens as pretty as possible. Working gardens are always a work in progress, rarely look completely 'spic and span’ and no one expects them to be.
There sometimes is a demonstration of a particular garden skill or process.
The visits may inspire the owner of the garden and provide advice if not everything is growing as well as expected.
Our visits usually finish with a morning tea and finish around midday.
It is amazing how much is informally discussed during these visits.
It is a great way to be introduced to food-plants you would never have grown otherwise.

Joining is simple

Membership is open to anyone living in Tasmania, Australia.  It is free of charge.

Email foodgardengroup@gmail.com , mention the Tasmanian suburb or town you live in, and you will be put on our mailing list for newsletters that provide details of forthcoming garden visits.